-      Kelly lost her young husband to a long illness. “I felt safer with the pillowcase on my pillow.
it helped me to sleep.”

-      Mary sent pillowcases to all her grandchildren at college. She knows they will be safe now,
but it’s also “comforting to their parents at home.”

-      Ellen gave one to her son who was being deployed. She and  her friends continue to send
pillowcases overseas to our brave military men and women. They sleep on “Ninety-one.”

-    Twenty pillowcases were sent to Afghanistan in December. Dee’s husband is stationed
there. All were donated by people with comments like this:

“I wanted to do something for our troops this Christmas, but I didn’t know what I could do.
This was the perfect gift!”

“Enclosed is a check for one pillowcase. Bless you! I hope this project is very successful!”

“We lost our son. Let this gift be a comfort and protection to someone who is now
protecting our country. We’ll tell our friends about it.”

-   Ed gave one to his hospitalized friend. Sue sent one to her friend, a world traveler, in
Thailand. Heather, a young business woman, writes,” Thank you for giving me something I
can carry with me always, to feel safer.”

-     We continue to collect inspirational stories about this powerful psalm. Firefighters, police,
rescue workers, and others have used this ’armor’ on a daily basis. Every day, men, women,
and children in seemingly impossible situations have claimed “ P~ 91” got them through the
difficult situation.

-    Just as a rainbow is a sign or symbol of a covenant, seeing the printed psalm is also a
symbol of a promise. We can say it, read it, see it every day. We can feel a personal
connection to it.

-    This psalm has been, for centuries, a protection and comfort to people all over the world.
May it be a source of inspiration, encouragement, and protection for you and someone you

Jayne and I invite you to share your personal inspiring stories of how wrapping your life (and your
pillows) with Psalm 91 has been a blessing. We would love to hear how the psalm has kept you,
your loved ones, and our armed forces safe. You can use the COMMENTS  form on our Contact
page of www.Psalm91Angels.com.
Psalm 91 Stories

Life is filled with meaningful coincidences called synchronicity. We meet the right
people at the right time. We have ‘divine appointments’ with certain people. We
get our ‘assignments.’ There are numerous stories like this.

Jayne Howard Feldman, renowned inspirational speaker and author, and I both
felt guided to each other, and to the work assigned to us. Our service has been
to bring to others the knowledge of Psalm 91, and to wrap the world in its

There is an abundance of information on Psalm 91. It has been called the
“Protection and Shield Psalm,”  a spiritual key, and a blessing energy. It is one of
the most beautiful and powerful psalms. In fact, it has been called one of the
greatest chapters in the Bible.

Many will remember stories of World War I and World War II soldiers being
miraculously protected as a result of praying this psalm. We can still use this
ancient treasure today to knowingly protect ourselves and loved ones.

I would like to share some modern day stories of how this psalm has brought
hope, healing, and peace to others. Although the names have been changed to
protect their privacy, their stories are shared to provide inspiration to others.

Lovingly wrapping the world in the
protection and blessing of Psalm 91