Lovingly wrapping the world in the
protection and blessing of Psalm 91
                       Pet Sympathy Cards

These cards, for loss of a cat companion, help you extend
sympathy on the loss of a beloved furry friend. Choose “Winter
Angel” or “Summer Angel.” Both cards have the same beautiful
inside message. Folded card on premium glossy card stock is
approximately 5x7” and comes with mailing envelope.

                  Inside Verse:

             I know it’s hard that you         
             no longer can wrap your
             arms around your cat.

             No longer hearing
             its relaxing purr,
             or having its
             sweet little head to pat.

             May you be blest in knowing,
             an angel is holding and loving
             your cat just for you.

             May you be comforted in feeling
             that you’re being held and loved
             by this same heavenly angel, too.

Minimum order of 5 cards is $19.95, includes s/h.
Continental U.S. Only

Additional cards are $3.75 ea.  With
FREE s/h fee.

Any combination, Specify Angel Art Work.

                  Description and Picture:

“Winter Angel”

“Summer Angel”

“Autumn Angel”

“Snow Angel”

“Christmas Angel”

“Angel with Cats
in the Garden of

“Guardian Angel
with Cat”

                   Matted Prints

Prints are matted to fit standard size 11x14” frames. (Size given
includes mat.) All prints show our whiskered friends in the
company of angels.

Price - $25 per print; 2 for $45, includes s/h.
              Continental U.S. Only
                   Small Framed Prints

Small framed prints may be placed on shelves, tables, desks, any
small area. They are a beautiful way to remember our pets and
our angels.

Sizes are approximately 3x4” to 4x4”.  Frames (with glass) vary
due to availability and limited quantities. Please specify Angel Art.

Price - $12 for Framed print; 2 for $20, includes s/h.
                Continental U.S. Only
             Magnetic Photo Frames

Great for refrigerator, filing cabinet, any steel surface. It’s a lovely
reminder that  guardian angels are sent to our pets and to us.
Available only in SUMMER Angel. Includes copy of beautiful verse
from card. (See above.) Acrylic frame is 4x6”.

Price - $7.99 for one; 2 frames for $12.99, includes s/h
                  Continental U.S. Only
Please visit again for new items. We appreciate your
feedback. Send questions or comments to:

Cheryl Kirsch is now 10 cats old. She’s had red cats, white cats,
tabbies, calicoes, and Maine Coon cats. Presently she lives with
three Maine Coons ~ Jasper, a retired Grand Champion; Cosette,
the first Maine Coon in their home and the prettiest girl; and
Harrison, her red baby boy at 4 years and about 25 pounds.
These large, beautiful cats bring much joy to her life and are
inspirations for her paintings.

What greater gift than the love of a cat?    

Charles Dickens
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Pet Sympathy Cards
Minimum order of 5 cards
is $19.95, includes s/h.
Continental U.S. Only
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Small Framed Prints
Price - $12 per Frame
2 for $20, includes s/h.
Continental U.S. Only
Matted Prints
Price - $25 per print;
2 for $45, includes s/h.
Continental U.S. Only
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